Amazon Web Services [AWS] – Storage Options and Cost Reduction

AWS has announced another class of S3 storage called Standard - IA.

Standard – IA tier of S3 gets you down to 0.$0125/GB of storage for 99% SLA and 999999999.99% durability.

Also they are reducing the price of glacier. “Effective September 1, 2015, we are reducing the price for data stored in Amazon Glacier from $0.01 / gigabyte / month to $0.007 / gigabyte / month”.

Great news for those interested in cost savings in AWS.




Amazon Web Services (AWS) Sample Questions and Answers

You maintain an application on AWS to provide development and test platforms for your developers. Currently both environments consist of an m1.small EC2 instance. Your developers notice performance degradation as they increase network load in the test environment.
How would you mitigate these performance issues in the test environment?
A. Upgrade the m1.small to a larger instance type
B. Add an additional ENI to the test instance
C. Use the EBS optimized option to offload EBS traffic
D. Configure Amazon Cloudwatch to provision more network bandwidth when network utilization exceeds 80%


Microsoft Windows Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS)

Windows released a solution to help control your local administrator passwords. This is managed outside of group policy but still uses Group Policy client-side extensions (CSE) to do the job.


Storage – Spanning Across Disks

I found this article for validation that spanning across disks is a bad idea... I want to save it so I'm posting it here:


Amazon Web Services [AWS] – Separate Accounts

I'm going to build a running list of Pros/Cons of having separate accounts when dealing as a managed service provider:



Separated Billing, easy to use


No discount on AWS support costs. All the accounts don't account for a total percentage discount.


Amazon Web Services [AWS] – Changing Instance Types

I've found some software called Skeddly which seems to be a nice cost savings tool. One very interesting thing to note is that you can automatically switch instance types depending on the type of day to save on cost.

The big caveat to this seems to be around the IP addressing. The IP address may change if you switch instances so elastic IPs are probably necessary.


Amazon Web Services [AWS] – What do they use?

It's hard to tell what Amazon actually uses on their back end. But looking at Amazon workspaces, it uses port 4172 which is a VMware view port. So it's likely that workspaces is a partnership with VMware.


Cloud Posts

I should be posting about AWS cloud now to keep notes...


Microsoft Crash Dump

Here is some interesting information I'm getting from Microsoft to work on a problem...

You can make some registry changes to the machine and then hit right CTRL+Scroll(twice) and it forces a crash dump... Interesting.